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Social media marketing plans are essential, but difficult to stick to for most agents. Coming up with fresh content and posting it on various social media channels is time-consuming. For agents who wear many hats, social media engagement gets pushed to the back burner and flounders. But it doesn’t have to. There are strategies agents can use to increase their activity on social media and succeed with their marketing plans. Read on 4 ways to improve your social media activity.

Automate your posts

If your agency is planning a robust social media campaign, an automation tool is essential. Automation tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer serve as a social media dashboard – one place where you connect all your social media accounts – including various channels and multiple users.

In addition, these tools offer a scheduling function that allows you to automate the scheduling and posting of your content.

Make the most of your content

Another great way to increase your social media activity is to wring as much action out of each piece of material as you can. For example, say you created a blog post for your website about little-known benefits of renters’ insurance. Don’t stop after you have posted it on your site. Share the post across all your social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By cross-posting, you get more social media exposure, maximizing your efforts.  

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Another strategy for making the most of your content is to recycle it. Mine your existing content for opportunities to refresh and reuse it. For example, repost an older piece of content with a snazzy new graphic. Or you can post an older piece of content with an update containing a new development.  

Mixing up the type of content you use can also help increase your social media activity. While it can be challenging to come up with fresh ideas for social media content on a weekly basis, remember the sky is the limit. The only requirement for content is that it’s quality. Try FAQ posts, infographics, videos and Tips posts. Presenting a variety of content types helps you reach more viewers. Diversifying your social media content keeps it interesting both for you and your followers.

Network on Social Media

Think of social media as a virtual networking tool. Social media groups present a great opportunity to get involved with potential clients. For example, join Facebook groups targeted toward small business owners in your area. Small business owners have many questions about insurance, and you can serve as the insurance advisor in the group. All the while you are making contacts and forming leads. Plus, you’ll probably have some fun.  

Study the market leaders’ content

A great way to generate ideas and increase your social media activity is to gather inspiration from the industry leaders. Begin following and interacting with them on social media. Study their social media content. What types of posts are they sharing? What is hitting a nerve with insurance consumers? 

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Stick to your brand

Part of being more active on social media is knowing what not to do. This is where your agency brand comes in. A brand is essentially your agency’s identity. It’s what makes you unique. A brand can include a catch phrase, logo, or your agency values. Be sure to include your brand in every piece of content you put on social media.

Don’t stick to industry

Not every social media post has to be insurance related. Think about what your customers are interested in. Insurance has a broad range of applications and touches just about every major life event – marriage, childbirth, retirement, home ownership, and empty nesting. Each one of these topics is fuel for social media posts. So, don’t just stick to insurance, branch out.

The challenges of social media activity

Insurance agents face two problems when it comes to staying active on social media: content creation and posting. Automation tools are helpful to keep agents on a posting schedule and as far as content creation, don’t be afraid to diversify or get professional help. Online platforms such as Upwork, LinkedIn and Problogger connect you with qualified freelancers who can fill your content hopper. With a little imagination and dedication, agents can master their social media presence.

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