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A study by BIA/Kelsey indicates that 97% of consumers go online to research products and services locally. Insurance agents need to make sure their content is standing out from the competition. Moreover, it’s essential to strategically decide where you’ll distribute all the content you create. Don’t leave anything to chance! Let’s see how to make it real.

How can agents make their content stand out?

A few ways agents can make their content stand out today include being insightful, inspiring others, and telling stories. Agents that show they have a good grasp of the insurance industry will have an easier time building trust with their target audiences.

Insightful content helps displaying the depth of knowledge an insurance agent possesses. Creating content that hits on current market trends, new technologies, or the way insurance work can demonstrate you are an expert in the insurance field. This will go a long way in building online credibility, which turns prospective customers into direct sales channels.

Creating inspiring content will definitely help you stand out from your online competition. Inspiring content connects with people on a deeper level than normal marketing and advertising materials. Insurance agents can effectively create online content by focusing on ways to improve the lives of current and potential customers. Articles related to health, self-improvement, or financial assistance can capture the attention of online audiences, once you capture their attention you can outline how certain insurance products relate to your content.

Last but not least, telling stories is one of the best ways to make sure your online content stands out among the rest. Personal accounts or success stories provide authentic, real-world content that any reader can relate to. Telling stories not only builds credibility, it showcases an agent’s expertise and authenticity. This style of content can have the greatest impact on elevating your brand and increasing online leads towards your agency. A great example would be how an agent goes above and beyond for their clients in the midst of a personal crisis, let’s say customers impacted by a recent natural disaster. Customers are more likely to go with an agent who will be there for them in times of need, not simply another insurance sales person looking to pad their wallet.

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How should agents distribute this content?

Ok so you have your valuable content, but now what should you do with it? A distribution strategy is key to ensuring your content reaches its intended target audiences for maximum value. An effective distribution strategy builds relationships with your online audience helping them along the way towards the desired action. The first step to distributing your content is relationships, building a solid network who will view and share your content. Joining LinkedIn groups related to insurance, gaining exposure with similar audiences by commenting on other insurance blogs, and taking face-to-face relationships online to spread your network are a few actionable ways insurance agents can build a strong base today.

Next, pick your distribution channel. For online content, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium and WordPress have the capabilities to share your work with millions of others. However, your target audiences will always prefer certain channels over others. Therefore, when distributing content (let’s say specific to recent college graduates) you should pick the online channels they will access most frequently, LinkedIn and Facebook most likely. Now that you have your content ready, your target audience picked, and your distribution channel selected, you are ready to go! A clear plan and a call to action are all that is needed, make sure you have a successful content marketing distribution strategy. 

Final Thoughts

You now have actionable steps to create an effective content marketing strategy. Content is king these days, don’t miss the opportunity of surfing the wave! Engaging customers online is becoming more important than ever. Creating authentic content is a proven way to show your expertise, build credibility, and increase your brand’s value. Take your insurance agency to the next level with a solid content marketing strategy, providing value your customers will cherish.

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