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Social media has become a marketing must for companies large and small, from Coca-Cola to your local mom-and-pop shop. With multiple platforms and endless user scrolling, social media provides 24/7 marketing to draw consumers towards your business.

For agents to get the most out of their social media campaigns they must be studied and adjusted to reach their full potential. This is where social media A/B testing can help. But first, let’s get into what exactly A/B testing is and the benefits for agents.  

What is social media A/B testing?

A/B testing, also known as split testing or conversion optimization, is a method of testing two independent variables to reveal which social media message is most effective. A quasi-natural selection method of testing where only the strong survive, a social media campaign that is. With A/B testing, you will send two different marketing campaigns to a small percentage of your target group(s). The winner is the campaign producing more success data, be it clicks, opens, or consumer feedback. The winning message is then sent to the remaining target audience which hopefully will result in increased site traffic and conversion rates.

Why is social media testing important?

Feedback from consumers is the greatest resource in today’s insurance marketplace. Social media testing is important as it can answer questions such as:

  • Which messages are most engaging for my target audience?
  • What online content is driving the most traffic?
  • What times of the day and week are most effective for pushing social media marketing?
  • How are hashtags and/or images impacting my marketing campaign? </l

A/B testing is focus group testing in real time, users providing data on different campaign versions without even knowing, making needed tweaks to increase traffic and direct sales opportunities. A great method to test out new ideas without the downside risks.

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How can I introduce testing in my social media campaigns?

Identify your goal

Whether it is increasing online traffic, improving website conversions, or opening direct sales channels, every social media campaign has a specific goal. This should be the same mindset when it comes to testing digital marketing strategies. Without a specific goal, testing lacks the structure whereby collected data can be converted into actionable intelligence to improve agency social media sites. Once a specific goal is decided, agents can then look to which audiences they want to focus on for the testing. This provides a clear path on why we are testing, what we are testing, and who we are testing these strategies on.

Pick your audience

A/B testing is a great tool to try out new marketing campaigns on an array of target audiences to get a feel for what works and what does not. Insurance agents have the freedom to target any audience they feel could bring additional business in the door. Agencies can focus on audience variables like location, age, education, occupation, or any other number of variables to test out consumer reactions to social media campaigns. A great strategy is to choose a target audience that is close but not identical to your current customer base, as this audience may be the easiest to convert to your brand. Strategically picking the target audience will allow the A/B testing to produce data that can assist in tweaking digital marketing campaigns to attract new consumer bases.

Act on the testing data

Testing is only worth its weight if the collected data is acted upon. If a test variation performs better than the original, it is important to know why and to tailor ongoing campaigns to this style. Data is only valuable if it leads to process optimization and greater conversion rates. The end goal for agents’ online presence is to increase brand exposure and get potential customers in the door. Taking advantage of A/B testing data is the only way you can take your social media campaigns to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Independent insurance agents are using social media more than ever drawing in new consumer bases and increasing brand exposure. A/B testing social media campaigns is a great way to increase conversion rates, turning scrolls into clicks, clicks into sales. A few simple steps can turn social media presence into clear sales channels for agents, displaying a clear link between digital marketing and return on investment.

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