Wondering what to test on Social Media?

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93% of agencies said they have some sort of social marketing effort in place. However, these same statistics showed that only 36% of these same agencies measure return on investment related to social media marketing.

Let’s go deeper into what should you A/B test and what we learn from it.

What should I test?

A/B testing for social media can be a great success but only if the right variables are being tested. Insurance agents should focus on areas that will drive the most traffic to their social media sites, turning prospective consumers into direct sales. A few areas of social media testing focus include:


Content refers specifically to the type and style of language used in your social media campaigns. Content can be tailored in so many ways, it makes for a great area of focus during social media testing. Content testing areas include headlines, hashtags, post length, use of emojis, punctuation, tone of voice, post titles, and the list goes on.

Testing different content styles on the same target audience can show the right way to tailor messages to drive the greatest results. A/B testing is an amazing way agencies can find the right content to use on any of their social media sites.


Is a video on Linkedin more effective than an image on Facebook? These questions can be answered through testing to find which multimedia types work for your agency and which ones are less effective in driving traffic. Visual media can go a long way in driving traffic your way, turning prospective consumers into new customers. A/B testing allows for agencies to try out different styles of imagery to see which ones are most effective for their target audience.

Look at how we are running A/B test on our ads. Check this two ads for example, the image is  the only difference between them:

Call to Action (CTA)

Your call to action is a crucial part of your social media marketing campaign regardless of platform. This is where you get audiences to engage with your sites by clicking on certain buttons which may say ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Get a quote now’. A/B testing is a great way to try out new CTAs to see which ones are more effective in driving traffic towards your sites.

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Get help with testing

Most social media sites can provide help with A/B testing. From Facebook ads manager to LinkedIn campaign manager, the sites agents are active on the most can assist in optimizing social media marketing. With Instagram’s new story feature, similar to Snapchat stories, agents can now test different story strategies to see which ones drive the most traffic or viewership. One recommendation is to post the same style content on both Instagram and Snapchat to see which platform garners the most traffic, and with stories, which are only viewable for a set amount of time, usually 24 hours, making A/B testing much easier to implement. The tools are there to make A/B testing a winning strategy for all independent insurance agents.     

In Summary

Independent insurance agents are using social media more than ever drawing in new consumer bases and increasing brand exposure. A/B testing social media campaigns is a great way to increase conversion rates, turning scrolls into clicks, clicks into sales. A few simple steps can turn social media presence into clear sales channels for agents, displaying a clear link between digital marketing and return on investment.

Remember: Always Be Testing!

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