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As an independent insurance agent, you need to keep pace with the industry trends and best practices. Both you and your prospects are likely to meet over a digital platform. In fact, the digitization of the industry means that if you don’t adapt to the changing landscape, you will struggle to survive. Digital marketing is crucial to running a successful independent insurance agency.

Why Independent Insurance Agents Need Digital Marketing

Insurance agencies are quickly adopting digital marketing strategies as they realize their importance. A recent study about Independent Agents revealed that 82% of the agencies now have a website whereas 69% have social media pages too.

If you don’t know, the internet population crossed the four billion mark in late 2017. Having powerful digital marketing strategies is more important than ever for independent insurance agents.

It is important to know at this point that true digitization of an agency starts internally. While digital marketing plays a crucial role in your online visibility, brand positioning, customer loyalty, etc. internal digitization has a direct impact on your bottom-line. According to recent reports:

This data reveals a great opportunity for independent insurance agents to fully embrace the digital age and grow their businesses making use of the new technologies. Thus, agencies will save time and manage their businesses more efficiently.

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The Many Benefits of Digital Marketing

Your Outreach Is Huge

Internet access has become easy for people all around the world. From lower internet prices to the launch of new and affordable smartphones, everything is favoring digital marketing. Let’s see, of all the adult internet users around the globe, 72% are active on Facebook.

It goes to show that Facebook is central to your agency’s social media marketing efforts. Targeted advertising using Facebook is one of the most affordable forms of digital marketing.

Recent statistics from WordStream show that CPC for Facebook ads can be 71% cheaper than CPC for Google AdWords, on average. So, if you are considering launching a social media marketing campaign to gain more potential clients, start with Facebook advertising.

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Your Revenue Grows

Spend only six hours every week, and you too could witness a boost in your leads like 66% of other marketing experts. 61% of companies have seen their revenues growing due to the use of social selling report. If you have been looking for that game changer in revenue growth, digital marketing is that.

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Create a Strong Local Impact

One of the aims of today’s companies is to reap the benefits of their local audiences through digital marketing. Did you know that 78% of the users who search for products or services from a local business on their mobile devices end up buying them? As an independent insurance agency, you want to boost your local visibility.

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Start by claiming your business listings on local business listing websites. Focus on localizing your businesses using Google My business, Yelp, Facebook, etc. A strong local strategy should help you get your phones ringing and boost your walk-in customer volumes.  

Your Customers Trust You

One of the crucial aspects of selling insurance policies is winning your customers’ trust. Believe it or not, digital marketing can help you with that too. Recent statistics have revealed that a massive 81% of the customers in the US will trust the brand advice they receive from blogs. You can develop trust in your target audience by having bloggers review your services or by appearing on well-known reviewing websites, such as Agent Review.

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You can take customer experience to the next level with technologies like Agentero, a software solution for insurance agents to provide a more personalized and targeted service to their customers. Offer personalized solutions, and appropriate advice based on customer data to develop a relationship of trust between you and your customers.

Boost Your Revenues

Intelligently chosen and implemented digital solutions can help you increase your profits. Digital marketing is an affordable way to get the word out about your business. Take the example of content marketing; recent statistics show that it can boost lead generation by three times while being 62% cheaper than conventional marketing.

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For example, by automating your daily mundane tasks, you can increase the overall productivity of your agency. By offering custom solutions, you can increase your customer retention to win business repeatedly from the same customers, and benefit from referrals. According to statistics from 2017, personalized strategies helped 79% of companies exceed their revenue targets. Independent insurance agents must take advantage of website analytics, data mining tools, AI (artificial intelligence) and BI (business intelligence), etc. to know their customers and customize their solutions accordingly.  

Final Thoughts

In the end, it only makes sense for you and any other independent insurance agents to take advantage of the modern software technology to fuel your digital marketing efforts. Yes, a valid question at this point is, “Where do I start?” Agentero is a perfect place to start. It will allow you to digitize and simplify your agency and create a better customer experience for your clients.

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At Agentero we believe in the combination of technology and the trusted advisor. Our technology helps independent insurance agents uncover cross-selling opportunities and automate mundane back-office tasks to unlock the full potential of their agency. Use Agentero to grow your agency with happy customers.

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