Where should insurance agents focus their business growth?

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Between helping clients, finding prospects, and running the details of a business, life can be busy for insurance agents. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for ways to continue growing an effective and efficient business.

Many agents find themselves chasing their tails instead of taking intentional steps for company growth. Some don’t know where they need to grow, while others may not be sure what steps to take to get there. It takes time, and effort spent in the right direction, so we’ve come up with the most effective ways to grow a successful insurance agency.

Read on to see where to focus your attention on and stop wasting your time on ineffective practices.

Enhance Client Relationships, Digitally

Customer relationships are at the heart of a successful business. With the right technology in place, you can create a more personalized experience for your customers without sacrificing efficiency.


Chatbots offer a personalized experience to your customer around the clock and is taking the insurance agency by storm. The global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.25 billion by 2025 because of its ability to enhance the customer experience.

A chatbot for insurance can engage every customer and visitor on your website to improve both your customer relationship and conversion rates. With chatbots, you can educate your customers on how your process works and recommend an optimal policy based on the customer’s profile and inputs. It can also be programmed to address claims and simplify the payment process for your customers.


Your customers can provide valuable insights into your business. Digital reviews allow you to get the kind of feedback that helps you grow your business. You can learn where you shine and where there is room for improvement. SurveyMonkey is a popular solution that can provide an easy way for your customers to offer their opinion.

Engage better with your clients and prospects

By the end of 2020, nine in 10 new life insurance sales will be at least influenced by digital interaction. Customers conduct online searches, compare price options, and apply through websites. There are many ways to communicate with clients and prospects: web chat, SMS, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, email, or phone. You need to find out the best way for each type of customer.

 Yet, almost 76% of agents feel that they are not getting the most out of their digital technology. That means that you have a valuable opportunity. By leveraging technology, you can get ahead of the competition and meet customers exactly where they want to see you.


Your website is one of your most valuable tools. Customers can find your agency, learn about your offering, and contact you all in one convenient location.

Social Media

Social media is an important place to be found and contacted by customers. In fact, 61% of small businesses invest in social media marketing. It can help you improve communication with your customers, as well as give prospects the chance to find out about your company.


Each year, mobile use for the average American continues to increase. However, they’re not spending their time browsing the web. Apps account for 90% of internet time on smartphones. Use this to your advantage by offering an app to your policyholders. It makes finding information, making appointments, getting insurance, and making payments easier than ever for your customers. 

Put Efficient Processes in Place

The more efficient your office, the more profitable your company can be. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that digitization of the insurance business process can result in a turnaround time reduction of 90% and reduce costs up to 65%.

You can’t afford to ignore the importance of technology for your business processes, as  It’s one of the most critical elements in creating a profitable business. Some ways to improve your processes include:


Not every task needs an agent to perform. Automating emails, follow-up, scheduling, and specific paperwork allows agents to spend time where it counts: building and maintaining customer relationships.


Just because you have a workflow in place does not mean that it’s useful. Outdated technology, poorly coordinated systems, and poor record management can all hurt your bottom line. Creating a better workflow will help give you an edge over the competition and reduce expenses. With a powerful layer of client interaction tools, you can streamline communications, automate mundane tasks, and cut down on busy work.

Make the Most of Your Data

Most insurance companies understand the importance of data. That is why seven out of 10 agencies have moved to the cloud. To grow your business, though, you need to leverage your data in the most effective ways.

Data analytics

An analysis of your data is an essential part of recognizing blind spots and opportunities in your online presence. It can help improve customer experience, ROI, and help you gain an advantage over your competition. You can leverage your data to unlock cross-selling opportunities. Data analysis will reflect visible gaps in coverage and will provide you a great opportunity to tailor solutions that give consumers the expert, personalized experience they expect today.

Predictive analytics

Data can not only help you understand customer activity but can also pinpoint ways to sell better. Predictive analytic tools can help you identify and reach customers going through transformative life events that will make them more likely to think about insurance. This way, you can spend your time selling effectively rather than reaching out to the wrong audience.

Keep Up with Younger Generations

While boomers continue to be a profitable audience for insurance, younger generations should not be ignored. Capturing their business now means more profit in the long run and the chance to snatch a mostly untapped market.

However, reaching younger generations is not necessarily an easy task. It requires trying new channels and understanding what they want in an insurance agent.

Invest in community

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z and Millennials are concerned with shopping local and being socially conscious with their money. This can be an advantage for local insurance agents. Advertise how you give back to the community and invest in real and relatable marketing.

Create content

Articulate your expertise and anticipate the kinds of questions you might expect from them. Whether through Youtube videos, Instagram posts, or blog articles, the content you create can help attract younger generations.

Be responsive online

Younger generations are just as interested in regular communication. Where they want to communicate has changed, though. Direct messages, comments, and reviews are all ways they will reach out to you. Be responsive and chat regularly online to help build a relationship with them.

Growing your insurance agency requires you to focus on bringing new business and keeping pace with rapidly evolving customer expectations. Unfortunately, inefficiencies in daily operations prevent many agencies from maximizing their potential.

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