How to jump-start your agency’s video marketing

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Video marketing is one of the most effective ways agents can reach out to potential and existing customers. On average, individuals spend one-third of their online time watching videos and spend up to 100% more time on websites that contain video. Creating custom content has never been more simple. However, deciding where to begin and how to grab an audience’s attention is the hard part. Agencies can easily engage viewers and drive growth by following these five video marketing tips.

1. Know Your Customer

Before you start creating content, it’s vital to understand who your customer is. Identify consumers’ hobbies, interests, ages, occupations, marital statuses, life-long goals, and daily challenges to find out more about their personalities. Then, you can formulate a message that best describes the need for your agency’s products and services. Depending on the purpose of your video, you’ll want to adjust your content.

  • Attracting new prospects – Agents should target a broader audience if the goal is to make new sales. Focus on an informative and captivating video that introduces your agency.
  • Engaging leads – Agencies that want to engage prospective policyholders need to gain more detailed insights into the lives of their customers. Address specific issues, interests, and pain points that are relevant to their lives.
  • Delighting customers – Current customers are already familiar with your services, so your message will have to be particularly personalized to ensure they stay loyal for many years to come. Facebook Page Insights, Google Analytics, and Twitter Analytics can help you find out about customers’ interests.

Remember that customer needs are continuously evolving, making it essential to keep consumer profiles up-to-date. Instead of relying on a single information source, use a combination of all the data at your disposal. Review industry research, survey customers regularly and respond to common concerns.

2. Collect the Equipment

To start producing video content, agents need a few essential items to get started. It’s not necessary to have the fanciest camera or most expensive editing software. The content and message portrayed will have a more significant impact on viewers than special effects.

  • Camera – Most smartphones and standard cameras are sufficient to create agency marketing videos.
  • Tripod – Use a tripod to stabilize the camera for a professional result.
  • Editing Tools – One of the many free video editing apps or software is all an agency needs, such as Adobe Premiere Clip, FilmoraGo, Magisto, Quik, Vizmato, PowerDirector.

With gear in-hand, it’s time to get creative and start filming videos that engage audiences.

3. Create an Introduction Video

Welcome new customers to the agency through a personal video that forms a human connection from the very beginning. Agencies don’t need any special equipment to create a highly impactful video that resonates with clients.

In this video, customers get a behind-the-scenes look into the agency and its employees. Viewers get a chance to meet the team as people in a way that written content can’t communicate. Agencies should consider the following tips when making welcome videos.

  • Keep it short – A one to two-minute video is more than sufficient.
  • Stay casual – A strong human connection is the most effective way to build client trust. Instead of talking about the success and history of the agency, agents should introduce themselves in a personal way.
  • Get personal – Customers want to know the people behind the name. Giving them a glimpse into everyday agency life can help build trust and solidify long-term relationships.

The first video an agency makes should stay simple, casual, and to-the-point. Showing the faces and personalities behind the brand helps build up credibility.

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3. Use Analytics

Tracking customer behavior using analytics can give agents an abundance of useful information. Analytics will reveal the following details on a video campaign.

  • How many times a client watched a video – The more often a customer watches, the more interest they have in an agency’s products.
  • When viewers play videos – This information can help agents’ time follow-up emails.
  • What parts of the video were watched – Find out which part of a video piqued their curiosity the most.

Analytics can tell agents essential data about the performance of their video marketing initiatives. Collecting information is especially helpful in the beginning stages when agents are still trying to figure out which tactics work best.


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4. Showcase Testimonials

Up to 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Testimonial videos are an effective way to influence a buyer’s journey by showing them first-hand what kind of solutions an agency can provide.

Customer testimonials shouldn’t sound like an advertisement. The following are appropriate topics for creating authentic and engaging testimonials.

  • Have customers discuss their experiences with the enrollment process.
  • Ask which services have benefited their lives the most.
  • Discuss the benefits of agency educational tools.

Agents should select specific questions for testimonials that highlight solutions for their real-world problems.

5. Make Real Connections

The insurance industry is often thought of as a cold and sterile business. A video that displays the human qualities of a brand can bring an agency to life in the eyes of a customer. Showing off the personalities of your team can help build customer loyalty.

Celebrating meaningful events in your customers’ lives is a fantastic way to show them you care. Most email service providers enable users to set up birthday and holiday campaigns. Emma, Campaign Monitor, and ConvertKit are some of the top providers for email marketing. Agents can create videos in advance and have them automatically sent on the appropriate day. Below is an example of a successful Customer birthday video.

To create a video that successfully connects with customers, consider the following tips.

  • Use names – There’s nothing more personal than using a customer’s name in a video.
  • Be creative – Have fun with videos and don’t be afraid to make clients laugh.
  • Get local – Include local culture, residents, and regional events.

Above all, agents should remember to make customers feel special through their personalization efforts. Depending on a client’s demographic, videos should be slightly modified to suit an audience’s preferred communication style.

Final Thoughts

Agents interested in leveraging the power of video marketing can easily create promotional content that generates new leads and drives revenue growth. The most effective video marketing campaigns are personalized, informative, and put a human face to the agency. As one of the most popular types of online content, video can transform an agency’s image by enhancing the customer experience.

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