Why your insurance agency needs a mobile app

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As technology continues to shape the insurance industry, many of the large direct carriers have embraced the gifts of mobile applications and self-serve features. It only makes sense. Consumer demand is shifting, and most insurance consumers want the ability to pay their insurance bills, access policy information, and even file claims from the convenience of their mobile phone.

Today’s customers expect to engage with their insurance at any time right from the device they carry in their pockets. Carriers who have answered that call and offer their customers mobile applications, gain a greater percentage of market share.

For consumers, the benefit of a mobile application is clear. As this would allow access to all policies and insurance information in a single place. Providing accessibility and simplicity to manage their insurance transactions in an app.

But what about the independent agent? What benefits does a mobile application offer to the agent? It turns out mobile apps have significant benefits that address the agent’s most pressing concerns. Let’s take a look.

A whole new level of service

Independent agents who offer mobile applications to their customers engage in a level of service far greater than agents who don’t have mobile abilities. For example, consider a customer going on a vacation. The customer shows up to rent a car only to realize she doesn’t have proof of insurance with her. She tries to contact your office, but it’s the weekend, so the agency is closed. She is frustrated and stuck.

Now, let’s look at the same scenario with an agent who offers a mobile app to customers. The client picks up her rental car. She realizes she forgot her proof of insurance. Then she remembers you advised her of the mobile app. Consequently, she downloads the app, locates her proof of insurance and drives off for her getaway. Now, which client got the better service?

Frees up time for agents to focus on relationship building

In addition to convenience for your clients, a mobile app offers something every independent agent desperately needs – saved time. As clients take advantage of self-service features to make policy changes and print ID cards, your agency spends less time on basic requests and processing.

For example, say a customer traded in their car for a newer model. They hop on the mobile application and make the change. The change processes through your agency management system or CRM, and once the insurance carrier makes the change, the mobile app is updated. Convenient for your customer and a time saver for your agency.

Forward-thinking agents and carriers have been suggesting self-service through mobile applications to their clients for years. The less time your agency spends on processing work means more time they can spend on relationship building and rounding out accounts. Which brings us to the next point.

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Mobile apps help automate cross-selling

Another terrific offering a mobile app brings to the table is the notification feature. A mobile app allows agents to send notifications to clients at any time. Notifications are intended to help your consumer engage with the app and take a particular action. They can be golden when paired with a cross-selling strategy.

One of the benefits of offering a mobile app is the ability to use notifications to cross-sell products to your existing clients. Using notifications to cross-sell means you don’t have to get clients on the phone or in for an office visit to attempt a cross sale. You create the opportunity immediately with a mobile notification.

Making the most of a mobile app

Like any tool in the independent agent’s toolbox, if you don’t use the mobile app, it gets rusty and dull. To make the most of your mobile app, you must promote it. The good news is, by promoting it on your marketing channels – social media, websites, blogs, etcetera – you are likely to attract new customers who are looking for a convenient tech-based approach to insurance coupled with the expertise of an independent agent – Score!

An affordable solution

Many agents have two misconceptions about mobile app technology. The first is that having a mobile responsive website is a mobile app. (It isn’t.) The second is that it is expensive to offer mobile app technology to consumers. In truth, it’s surprisingly affordable given the improved efficiency, increase in revenue and heightened customer experience.

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