How to implement retargeting in your marketing strategy

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The truth about websites is that they are kind of trampolines. Potential clients will jump on and off again in minutes, if not seconds, flat. For insurance agents, this is especially true. Most insurance consumers don’t follow a neat and linear road to an insurance purchase. It’s more like a meandering stroll where they look for answers, trust, and convenience.  

But today’s digital marketing tools can help insurance agents stay front and center with prospects even after they leave your website. One of the most effective methods is a retargeting campaign, which allows visitors who have bounced off your site remember they were there in the first place. And it can lead to sales.  

What is a retargeting campaign?

retargeting-articleA retargeting campaign uses ads specifically targeted to your website visitors. The most common types of retargeting ads appear on social media and other web pages as your visitor continues their internet browsing. Here’s how they work: When someone visits your website, your site leaves a cookie in their browser. After they leave your site, that cookie notifies your retargeting platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google) to display an ad based on their usage of your site. For example, if they spent time on your Boat Insurance landing page, the next time they check their Facebook account, they see your retarget ad containing boat insurance marketing material.

Retargeting ads can also appear to your website visitors after they leave your website and move on to other websites. These ads often appear on the sides of the viewing page or as a banner ad.

Build agency awareness

retargeting-article-2An awareness campaign is a useful tool when trying to recapture your website traffic. You can think of an awareness campaign as a digital billboard. It works to get your agency name in front of a lot of people. Awareness campaigns also focus on creating customer impressions and growing engagement. For example, an awareness campaign can turn yesterday’s website visitor into a solid lead for your marketing list with the right retargeting ad that prompts them to complete a landing page contact form.

However, awareness campaigns aren’t specific since they are based on relatively anonymous website traffic. Still, retargeting with an awareness campaign is a critical piece of an agency’s digital marketing plan as it can help create better leads.


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Conversion Campaigns

retargeting-article-3Conversion campaigns seek to convert anonymous website visitors into leads. But more than that they can be used to develop leads into clients. Conversion campaigns are useful during any part of the sales funnel and go hand in hand with retargeting.

For example, let’s say you have a prospect in your marketing list that completed a form to receive a free guide to home insurance claims. You can now work on a conversion campaign surrounding homeowner’s insurance to convert that lead into a client.

Similarly, let’s say you had a website visitor on your home insurance website page. You’re retargeting campaign may attempt to drive that visitor to a contact form, so you have more specific marketing information in your toolbox.   

Using segmentation

retargeting-article-4Segmentation allows you to create specific retargeting ads for a particular type of lead. Segmentation is useful because it helps ensure the right message meets the right audience. The effectiveness of segmentation increases as you collect more lead data, but it can be helpful even on an awareness campaign.

For example, if a website visitor lands on your main page and then navigates to the about our agency page, you can retarget them with general advertisements highlighting the locality of your agency.

On the other hand, if a website visitor lands directly on your auto insurance page, you can focus on retargeting ads for auto insurance.

To accomplish this, each page of your site must be set up with a different retargeting pixel.

Using social media

retargeting-article-5While web-based retargeting can be useful for building awareness and conversions, social media retargeting ads give agents a bigger bang for their buck. Social media ads are shareable and can begin conversations – something that every agency seeks.

Further, social retargeting ads appear directly from your agency, unlike a web banner advertisement which can be less personal.  

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter contain retargeting tools out of the box. Agents can also utilize a third-party platform to handle retargeting marketing efforts such as Perfect Audience or Retargeter. Either way, a well-planned retargeting campaign can work wonders anywhere in the sales funnel.

Retargeting your website traffic

Most agents spend a lot of time and money creating web traffic. But generating the traffic isn’t helpful unless you can also capture it. That’s why a retargeting strategy is essential. A retargeting campaign turns anonymous visitors into solid leads and leads into clients.

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