How to create brand consistency across your marketing channels

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As agents continue to embrace digital marketing, often a challenge arises: how do agents provide consistent messaging across several marketing channels?

A consistent marketing message is essential in reaching your audience and building a strong brand. It is how your customers or potential customers recognize your brand. It’s the hallmark of your agency.

While a simple slogan like, “You’re in good hands…”  at one time was a complete message, today’s independent agents need more than just a slogan. Content and multi-channel marketing have created extensive opportunities for reaching clients, but it’s of no use if your messaging isn’t consistent.   

Still, keeping brand uniformity across your marketing channels need not be difficult – it just takes a little thought and diligence. Here are some tips you can use today to help keep your messaging cohesive.

Marketing Tasks

brand-consistencyOne of the most efficient ways to provide consistent messaging is to automate your marketing tasks. Software programs can be used to send automated welcome emails and SMS confirmations to leads that engage with your channels. Automating your lead generation and confirmation helps ensure potential clients get the same message every time.

Social Media Messaging

Similarly, automating social media marketing helps an agency maintain a uniform message with ease. Automation tools serve as a social media control panel.

brand-consistency-2In the interest of consistency, agents can create posts that correspond with different products. You may have a theme for Homeowners Insurance, one for Auto Insurance and one for Life Insurance. In this way, agents can be sure their social media posts provide a consistent message to viewers. For example, if a user posts a question about Homeowners Insurance on Facebook, your agency can respond with a predesigned template containing information about your Homeowners program and a link to a lead form. This will ensure all agents are giving the same information across the board.

These predesigned posts are also useful to respond to commonly asked questions on social media channels. Examples include form posts that address location information, office hours, staff contact information and types of insurance products available.

Develop Templates

brand-consistency-3Templates are extremely helpful in keeping a consistent presence through various marketing channels. Templates can also be useful if more than one person in your office engages in marketing tasks. Well-designed templates ensure everyone is on the same page and sending the same message.

You can create templates for different channels, such as an email template, a blog post template, and a social media post template. Each one of them should share the same design features, including colors, fonts, and layouts. Always remember to include your company logo. The uniform look of the messages helps customers and leads recognize a piece of content as belonging to you.

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Review Process

brand-consistency-4Every piece of marketing material must be subject to a review process. For some agencies, the review process may be simple – maybe you are the marketer and reviewer. For larger agencies, a review process may be more involved.

Consider assembling a team to examine marketing material and automate templates before they go live. Consider creating a checklist the team can use when examining the marketing piece to make sure it is consistent with the messaging and your agency’s brand. Close attention to detail is critical for a successful review team – voice, fonts, logos, and taglines must be uniform.  

Messaging Authenticity

Keeping your marketing brand authentic ensures uniformity across all your marketing channels. In other words, the marketing material – whether its emails, blogs, or posts – echoes your agency’s brand most effectively if your brand is an authentic representation of you and your staff.  

brand-consistency-5For example, don’t create a complicated marketing campaign with stuffy language if your agency is more down to earth and casual. Similarly, don’t force a relaxed and friendly tone on your marketing material if your agency culture is highly professional and business oriented.

If you keep your messaging authentic and create it around your agency’s real values, it will be much easier to maintain brand consistency across various channels.

Staff Education

Consistent branding across channels requires consistent in-house branding. Marketing messages are rooted in your agency’s culture. Make sure your staff is well educated on the agency’s messaging and keeps it top of mind.

brand-consistency-6For example, have you ever noticed how every worker at Chick-fil-A replies with “My Pleasure” after you thank them? They are well rooted in the company’s culture, and it comes out naturally in every interaction.

Remember, every interaction your employees have with prospects or clients is a marketing opportunity. Make sure every employee is aware of the agency brand and messaging.  

Know Who You Are

One of the most important tasks when it comes to multi-channel marketing is to know your brand and your message. Having a deep familiarity with your authentic brand has the greatest impact and builds trust with your prospects. Dig deep, find your values and then incorporate them into every single message for the best results.

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