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Today’s digital tools offer insurance agencies more opportunities than ever to increase productivity, improve employee efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. Traditional agencies can benefit by taking advantage of the right technology and all its features. By leveraging agency management systems, data analytics, communication technology, and robotic process animation, your agency will be prepared to offer an exceptional customer experience.

Improving Employee Effectiveness with Technology

To best serve clients, agencies should use a thoughtful combination of digital solutions to bring them closer to the customer and unlock new sales possibilities. These technology tools can vastly improve the effectiveness of every agency.

Agency Management Software

An agency management system (AMS) is an insurance industry-specific data management system that can help an agency operate more productively. However, most agencies are still using outdated generic customer relationship management software (CRM), excel sheets, and paper files to manage the books of their agencies.

With an AMS system, agencies have numerous options for increasing efficiency. For example, an agency can integrate their phone system with the AMS system. Before agents answer the phone, they’ll already have access to customer data and can pull up relevant account information. The resulting faster and more accurate service helps improve customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, an AMS system can synchronize email addresses, sort clients according to policy, and automatically send policy renewal reminders to customers. Agencies can gain an instant overview of which customers have an auto, health, and life insurance, or a combination of policies.  

Data Analytics Tools

Big data enables insurance agencies to gain insights into customers’ lives, thereby providing a better and more personal customer experience. Big data allows insurance agencies to construct more accurate prediction models. This data enables agencies to keep track of customers’ life changes, improve risk assessment, and adjust underwriting accordingly.

A combination of real-time, historical, and continuous data can help agencies develop a better risk management strategy. Typical data sources such as social media, emails, and customer documents contain significant amounts of useful information. However, the data is only helpful when it is organized into a system that the agency computer database can efficiently process.

Agencies that take advantage of big data and analytical tools can use the resulting insights to mitigate risk better. Additionally, agencies can use big data to detect fraud, track product performance, and maximize revenue growth.

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Communication Technology

A productive agency needs active communication channels that enable the easy access and delivery of information. Offering multiple communication channels allows customers to reach out to agents in their preferred manner. Chatbots, mobile apps, and instant message reminders connect modern-day agencies with customers.

A chatbot on an agency website can answer customer questions 24/7. Similarly, a mobile app for customers can help effortlessly manage claims, policies, and renewals wherever they are. Apps can include other customer-friendly solutions such as the ability to sign with an e-signature.

Administrative Process Automation

An effective way to improve agency efficiency is by automating repetitive processes. Time spent dealing with hardware and software issues is the time that agents could be spending consulting policyholders and interacting with potential clients. Software as a service (SaaS) allows agencies to access software over the internet. This flexible service model enables agencies to scale up or down as needed quickly.

SaaS platforms automate insurance benefits administration and other HR tasks. A full-service benefits platform offers agents a dashboard where they can manage benefits packages and observe customer policy data. Agencies can integrate specific applications into the SaaS system to better manage sales, emails, finances, human resources, and billing.

SaaS-based management tools with an open API (application programming interface) allow for simple data integration. With this cloud-based framework, agencies can easily automate workflows across systems, exchange data, and streamline interoperability. Dynamic API frameworks offer the fastest and most intuitive solutions when it comes to setting up a SaaS ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Agencies that strategically implement digital tools to improve effectiveness will benefit in the long run. The right technology can streamline processes, improve the customer experience, and simplify communication. Agencies in the beginning phases, as well as those that are already well-established, should consider implementing a few essential digital tools that can save tremendous time, energy, and money.

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