Top 10 marketing tips for insurance agents

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Now is a great time to think about your agency’s marketing plan. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

So, what did you come up with? Not much? A spotty effort? Maybe not a plan to speak of at all? That’s okay. Often when things get busy, marketing efforts are the priority that gets pushed to the back burner.

If your marketing strategy is lacking, start with these 10 tips – taken directly from the playbook of big insurance. Make them your own and watch the results roll in.  

1- A Content Marketing Calendar

Content marketing is simply a way of staying in touch with your clients. A good and consistent content marketing strategy means your clients hear from you throughout the year – not just at renewal time. You are in their Facebook and Twitter feeds and inboxes. And your blog posts give them the information they need and trust.

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2- Make Social Media Social

Look at the social media content that gets shared. Much of it doesn’t relate to insurance at all. It includes posts about life – home buying, seasons and raising children. Adopt this strategy to keep your social media social. Not everything must be about insurance. Post about holidays and local events. Encourage reading and sharing.  

3- Know Your Brand and Stick to It

Successful marketing means having a brand. Your brand is your voice and what you look like. It should remain consistent across all your agency’s communication channels. Give this some thought.

What makes your agency unique? Maybe your approach is to make insurance less confusing. Your communications then should be in plain English. Maybe you specialize in first class customer service. That service oriented slant should come through in every communication.

4- Consumers Want Mobility: Offer It

Offering mobile channels is not really an option for insurance agents anymore. To keep up with customers’ needs and wants, agents must offer insurance on the go for their clients. Insurance consumers want to be able to manage their policies, coverages, and payments from their phones wherever they are anytime during the day. Give them what they want.

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5- Watch Your Reviews

Keep an eye on your online reviews. You don’t need a full-time person for this, just a regular schedule. Once a day, twice a week or even just once a week, have a look at your online reviews. If there is something not favorable, make sure you address it.

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6- Create a Referral System  

A referral system is a marketing strategy! Every agency should do the same. Get to know other agents in your area. Compare strengths and weaknesses. You may not have a good market for a nonstandard auto customer, but they might. They may not offer life insurance, but you do. Exchange leads.

7- Use Metrics

In today’s digital world, just about everything can be measured. Take advantage and use your metrics. If you can capture it, you can measure it. Run reports to check leads, renewal capture, and marketing efforts.

8- Use Your Data Gold Mine

Every insurance agency is sitting on a gold mine of data. Don’t miss out on using that data for marketing. Think about what is in your system and included on applications. You have birthdays, claim information, policy information. All this data should be converted into marketing magic.  For example, use policy data to suggest a missing line of coverage. On birthdays, mail cards. Touch base with customers when their expiration dates approach.

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9- Community Outreach

Show you care by getting your agency involved in community service work. Have your team wear agency t-shirts. Then get out there and pitch in – think beach cleanups, toy drives, Fall festivals. Takes pictures and share, share, share. This shows you care about the community and helps prospects get to know your agency.  

10- Make Small Work for You

The most important asset an independent insurance agent has is that it is small and local. You can connect with ease on a personal level. Your competition – big national carriers – can be impersonal. They don’t have time to know their customers deeply. You do. Make it a point to know them. Let the conversation go a little long. Invite them to the office to talk about a renewal. Better yet, go to their home. Show them why local and independent is better.

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