Getting millennials in the mix

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Perhaps more than any generation in history, the attention of the Millennials is highly prized.    

Given the size of the Millennial generation, it’s of no wonder. According to some estimates, Millennials are poised to spend $200 billion in 2018 alone. That is more spending power than any previous generation.

So how can independent agents grab the attention of this super-power buying generation? They must meet the Millennials where they are with mixed channel communication.

To successfully engage with Millennials, agents must harness modern communications channels such as email marketing, social media, mobile websites, and of course blogs.

The key to client engagement

Mixed channel communication is a customer-focused approach that provides a complete and seamless customer experience. It allows clients to interact with your agency in a complete and cohesive way.

This approach partners the classic marketing pillars – advertising, sales promotions, public relations and direct marketing with today’s communication channels – email, social media, websites, blogs and mobile distribution.

All the channels work together as a unified marketing force – with a complete and consistent message to target customers.

How Millennials Use Technology

It’s not a secret that Millennials are heavily engaged with technology. It is an integral part of their existence and they use it to learn, socialize, conduct business and shop.

Check out some of the details on how Millennials use technology according to a 2017 marketing report:

Millennials are the most connected generation to appear on the world stage.

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Start with the Basics

If your agency isn’t up to speed with mixed channel communications, start with your website.  

Optimize it for mobile users. These days more searches are performed on mobile devices than on desktops. That means today’s insurance agent must be present on a mobile platform.

Many shoppers are looking for insurance quotes from their phones. Today’s consumers don’t want to complete a paper application; they expect a mobile-friendly environment for comparing rates and completing an application online.

According to one study by Bank of America:

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Mixed Channels Create Touch Points

Customers make purchases from companies and businesses that are with them through the entire buying cycle. Customers have reported wanting engagement when they are seeking information, considering information, and through the decision phase. This means independent agents must come up with creative ways to maintain contact and establish touch points with their prospects.

Mixed channel communication is key to creating those touch points.

Social Media as a Selling Tool

Social media is a given. 62 percent of millennials say that if a company approaches and interacts with them on social media they are more likely to become a customer and stay a customer.

Part of a mixed channel communication strategy must include social media. A recent study on social media as a selling tool found that 65% of salespeople who use social media fill their pipeline compared to only 47% who don’t use the tool.

Further, four in 10 sales representatives have recently closed two to five deals due to social media.

Mixed Channels and Relationship Building

Relationships are the true currency of the independent agent’s business. Today’s customer relationships aren’t built over the phone or in living rooms, they are built mostly online.

Agents can use digital platforms to further their client relationships by:

  • Engaging in social media conversations
  • Sharing relevant and needed information during the sales cycle
  • Building trust with sound advice and counsel

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Email Marketing and Giving Value

Email has been on the scene for quite some time, but it’s still an effective part of mixed channel communication. It is a direct line to your customer. It’s a great way to create more touch points and can be used to cross-sell or to target prospects.

While the temptation for an email marketing campaign is to focus on how your agency can provide better service, better quotes, better discounts, etc. Try something else – get creative. Think of email marketing as a chance to have a conversation with your client or prospect.

Build emails around subjects that are related to insurance, but part of life overall – safety tips for the summer, landscaping tips for fall, home buying 101 and more. The point is to offer valuable information that clients want to engage with.

Also, Add Emojis

Emojis may look fun and simple but they’re powerful and their use continues to grow. According to one study on mobile marketing, emoji use rose 163% from 2015-2016 and push notifications that contained an emoji had an 85% increase in open rates.

Lastly, using emojis means users are more likely to retain your agency mobile app and engage with it.

The most important step to utilize mixed channel communication is to start now. New technologies evolve quickly, and agents that don’t dive into the digital frontier will be left behind. Email, mobile applications, blogs, and social media are changing the way business is done.

Every independent agent must meet the Millennial generation right where they are – and where they are is connected.

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