M&A Marketplace Changes & Your Agency: Peer-To-Peer Training with Carey Wallace

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Carey Wallace is passionate about helping independent agents understand their value and make informed decisions by leveraging the data and insights she and her team can uncover inside their agency. By providing hundreds of independent insurance agencies with the right insights, Carey has leveraged that data to grow their businesses and thrive.

Having worked with hundreds of independent insurance agencies for over 14 years, Carey‘s focus is to help YOU grow your business. Carey discusses all things M&A in the independent insurance agency space in this webinar. We all know that multiples are at an all-time high. The number of transactions is growing and breaking records every single year.

In this training, we will talk about what’s impacting those multiples. What should you do as an agency owner to maximize the value of your agency? Whether you’re looking to sell or grow by acquisition, what are the things you should be paying attention to? You will learn all of this and more.


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