Podcasting: How To Create An Agency Podcast, with Teresa Kitchens of Sterling Insurance Group

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On this webinar, we will cover “The Top Ten Things You Need To Know Before Starting An Agency Podcast.”

These are:

1. Coming up with your overall theme for the podcast
2. Connecting with guests that align with your mission
3. The easiest way to share details for how guests can prepare for the podcast
4. Equipment and systems you will need for recording a successful podcast
5. Creating custom marketing assets for your podcast
6. The various ways to handle post-production editing (do it yourself options or hire it out) and the budget considerations behind both.
7. Goals you should set for your podcast
8. What does a successful podcast look (or better yet, sound) like?
9. Is video recording necessary for a podcast?
10. How to market your podcast

And more!

Join us on Sept 14th at 2pm ET for our Peer-to-Peer Training Webinar,
Register at: https://bit.ly/TeresaKitchens

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