Digital Agency: How To Create A Digital Insurance Agency, with Cameron Brown of Insurance Brokers of Arizona &

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Cameron Brown is the Agency Principal of Insurance Brokers of Arizona™ and Watch this informative video where Cameron shares all the details on why he created a separate digital agency that focuses on cross-sell opportunities and placing business exclusively with digital carriers, using insurtech solutions.

Cameron and his team utilize Agentero’s platform and digital carriers to cross-sell programs to his traditional agency’s client base, closing 85% of those new opportunities! He also shares his secrets on the servicing side of that business and how utilizing digital carriers cut down the hours that his team members have to spend on servicing accounts or dealing with post-sale underwriting requests from Carriers.

Let us know if you have any questions on the material covered in the one! If you want more information on Agentero, you can go to or email with questions.

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