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With so many social media platforms coming and going, it can be challenging for businesses in the insurance industry to determine which sites will be the most beneficial for themselves and their clients. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a company blog, are many ways in which companies can provide services and information to their target audience.

Vlogs, or video blogs, are a way of explaining services or relaying information using pre-recorded or live video streams. Of course, anyone can make a video and upload it to a social site, but it can be challenging to do right. Using Vlogs allow you to reach new potential clients on platforms you may not be utilizing as part of your agency social media strategy.

Creating a Vlog

Creating a vlog takes some planning. Make sure you know about the specific social media platforms your agents currently have access to, or the platforms that you want to expand into. Additionally, some social media platforms are better for videos than others. You wouldn’t want to create a vlog for your Twitter followers, since it is predominately text-based, but you should create video content for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or your own company’s website.

To create your vlog, you need to do the following:

  • Have an insurance topic you want to cover
  • Create a script for an agent to follow
  • Record the video, keeping it clear and concise
  • Edit the video for length and clarity
  • Upload to your website or other social platforms, making it easily shareable

It’s important to keep vlogs short, sweet, and topical; you don’t want them to be too long, as watchers will lose interest and click away. A video of 4-5 minutes will retain less than 60% of viewers, as opposed to the 75% who stick around for a video that is one or two minutes long.

You also want to discuss one topic at a time. Make it easy for your clients to find the blog that will help them the most. This means creating an informative title for your vlog. For instance, an insurance agent could start their vlog by introducing themselves and the company they work for. They could come up with a video topic such as:

  •   Insurance for new homeowners
  •   Insurance for teen drivers
  •   Using your state’s health insurance marketplace
  •   And more.

For insurance agents, a vlog can be a useful way to connect with clients, discuss their insurance options, and talk about the specific products and services that an agent can offer. Agents can personalize their video messages for the location they are working in, with services that could benefit the people in their local area.

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Reaching Your Audience

Videos and pictures engage more people online than traditional text does. Your target audience is more likely to click on a picture or watch a short video than they are to read a block of text. Corporate vlogs can be diverse in length, but the average span of a vlog on YouTube is around 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Of course, more complex topics do require a longer video; videos of up to 9 minutes aren’t unheard of. Basically, the length of the vlog should reflect the complexity of the information an insurance agent wants to convey to their audience.

Additionally, about 70% of YouTube viewers are watching how to solve a problem, or seeking information to help them make a decision. This puts insurance agents in a good position to create vlogs that answer these important questions, both basic and complex, about the insurance policies they can offer.

Insurance companies need not only to utilize their company websites and blogs to spread information, but also to increase their presence on other social media platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitch are all popular avenues to reach clients.For example, 

By 2021, Cisco estimates that 82% of global internet traffic will come from videos.

By using the above online video sharing resources, the clientele you have want see that your company is keeping up with the latest technologies. It gives a company more opportunities to reach a wider range of people to do business with.

Vlogs can be a personal and engaging way of introducing complicated insurance topics in a way that simplifies the information for clients and makes it easy for them to choose your insurance products or services over others.

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Benefits of Vlogging

There are many benefits for agents who choose to vlog as part of their customer outreach strategy.

  1. Vlogging gives agents a platform to discuss how they can help their clients, the services they offer, and the options clients have from different insurance companies. Insurance information can be hard to process, so breaking it up into short vlogs can be incredibly beneficial for clients.
  2. Vlogging increases your company’s internet presence and allow you to reach new potential clients on different social media sites. This allows a company to use the latest technologies in order to expand its reach and brand.
  3. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is another reason to consider vlogging. Having videos around the internet with key insurance buzzwords can increase your website’s strength and allow your company to rise in the ranks of search engine results.

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